Bring us your problems, your dreams, your huddled masses of napkins, post-its and whiteboard scrawlings.

That's more or less where good ideas come from, right?

Why do I need a Virtual CTO?

Well, if you are asking yourself this question, then maybe you don't. Those that come to us looking for high level technological consulting usually have a gap in their technical knowledge. They know their business well, they've identified a clear place in the market, and have some thoughts of how they want to reach their goals, but are having trouble putting the pieces together, coming up with a strategy to bring their offering to the world. This is especially true when those next steps are a big change to the way their company operates.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Do you just need a little help or direction in moving to a scalable platform (ahem... rhymes with #cloud!) for your custom application? Or is this going to be a bigger trek bringing lots of moving parts together for one unified journey? Let’s sit down, make some sense of it all, smooth those corners before you round them, and put together a plan. If planning and research aren’t part of your budget, then most likely neither are we.

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