Stop solving the same problem the same way. Just cause you got a hammer doesn’t mean everything’s a nail.

If the concept of devops is new to you and your organization, you may want to do a little reading to understand why this is important now...no matter what size your business is. It's better to know today that you can scale to meet that major press hit rather than find out after that opportunity has passed. It's also better to put together a sane way of bringing in new development and internal resources as your business grows-- we can help on that side of things. Scale everything-- why solve a problem multiple times?

Your Infrastructure is handled. Done.

Could provisioning hundreds of resources in the cloud really be as simple as saying that? Well for the most part, yes. If you put the proper thought and planning into your future needs, the process of making it happen in a repeatable, highly available, and most importantly cost effective fashion is not a large reach these days. It just takes a little time to gather that knowledge and put a plan in place.

How does Crifkin provide devops?

We leverage the Chef server configuration management toolset, mix in all of the HA/HP stuff you’ve heard so much about, and deliver it to you in a pillowy, cloud environment that you control. Today you may need one server. Tomorrow you might need a hundred. Our services give you the ability to scale on demand to meet your traffic, your business needs, or your desire to have a whole bunch of servers spinning somewhere

The biggest difference for us is that we do not try to fit our customers into one box that serves our interests first. In fact, most of the clientele we have provided services for to this point, have all come to us for custom devops solutions because they have some special need that forces them to live outside the box.

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